Remade at Earth Matters: Buried Treasure conference

“Telling the stories of where things come from and where they go to, not to take a softly softly approach, but as a project to create a new green economy, and face the reality of climate change” (Sophie Unwin, March 2019).

Remade founder Sophie Unwin presented and interviewed as part of the Earth Matters: Buried Treasure conference in Belfast, in March 2019. Earth Matters was a unique conference hosted by the Repair Cafe Belfast, looking at how communities can creatively tackle global issues of waste and economic sustainability.

Sophie talked about about the Remade journey and how we can scale up reuse and repair centres to stand up tall to the challenge of climate change. The Remade Network vision is one about both setting up more reuse and repair social enterprises, and telling the story of where things come from and where they go to when we dispose of them.

Organised by Chris and Lee at Repair Cafe Belfast, two very inspiring women, who are harnessing the local community’s skills, including people retired from the shipyards – we share their philosophy of involvement and empowerment. Also featuring lots of other inspiration, including the Resource Goddess Cat Fletcher from Freegle.

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