The Network

Remade Network was established to build a repair economy from the ground up.

We are a grassroots network of repair social enterprises creating jobs, tackling climate change and reducing inequality.

building a repair economy from the bottom up

Why we do it

We live in a society that currently consumes three planets’ worth of resources to sustain its way of life. Increasingly, we’re waking up to the fact that this causes suffering, unprecedented levels of pollution, and affects the poorest communities – those who contribute least to the problem – worst.

Our alternative is both radical and practical – challenging consumerism through creating new markets in repair education.

This means learning from the people we work with, valuing the voices of the dispossessed, and embracing the creativity and resourcefulness of some of the poorest communities in the ‘developed’ and ‘developing’ worlds, including indigenous communities.

Network Partners

We work in strategic partnerships with local authorities and development trusts by invitation from local communities. All the wealth we generate stays within the community, creating both jobs and training opportunities through resilient social enterprise models. Repair creates 10 times as many jobs as recycling.

Want to develop repair social enterprises with us? Email to find out more.

Network Partners