Team and Board


Sophie Unwin

Sophie Unwin
Director and Founder

Holly Isard
Community Engagement Lead

Lauren Crilly
Events and Finance Lead

Nadine Gorency
Repair Stop Manager

Chris Kane
IT Technician

Emalie Dam Christensen
Textile Repair Technician

Lauren Hooper
Project Lead

Gordon Harper
IT Technician

Steering Group

Peter McColl
Freelance Researcher

Jon Dawes
Repair Café Glasgow Founder and Uphub Manager

Jenni Hume
Campaign Manager, Have You Got The Bottle?


Diane McGiffen
Chief Operating Officer, Audit Scotland

Emma Wilson
Founder of Artistic Spectrum

Magz McPhee
Manager, Lush Buchanan Street

Hazel Smith
Founder and Director, Retweed

Lena Hutton
Development Officer, DTAS

Katherine Lund-Yates
Fundraising and Partnerships Manager, Bioregional