Who we are



Sophie Unwin

Sophie is Founder of Remade Network, co-founder of the Remakery in Brixton, creator of the Edinburgh Remakery, consultant to Remade in Brooklyn and collaborator with Repair Cafe Glasgow in creating Remade in Glasgow.

Sophie was inspired by living for a year in rural Nepal and creating less than a dustbin of rubbish, because everything was fixed, and on returning to her native Brixton seeing the potential for developing a repair centre that created meaningful jobs for local people.

Sophie is passionate about repair education – and education about repair education – so that people can understand how products are produced, consumed and disposed of, and how an extractive economy can be replaced with a regenerative one.

With Remade Network, Sophie is speaking to over 65 communities around the world to share her vision and experience and the values of the enterprise, which are: practical, inclusive, connected and ethical.

Contact Sophie at hello@remade.network

Emma Wilson

Social Entrepreneur, Visual artist and fellow of the SSE Scale Up Programme. Emma founded and leads Artistic Spectrum in Yorkshire.

Aysha Julie

Social Entrepreneur, Management Consultant and fellow of SSE Scale Up Programme. Aysha has founded The Gifted in Hertfordshire and Future Females in Mauritius.



Alison Parker

Project Assistant

Alison joined the Remade Network team in February 2019 and is working on a number of outreach and communication projects. Alison is also currently studying part time at the University of Edinburgh for a Masters in Outdoor Environmental & Sustainability Education and has a background in higher education research management and communications.

Contact Alison at hello@remade.network

Steering group


Sophie Hobson

Sophie is head of communications at the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE). Her goal is to ensure everyone who needs to know about SSE is clear about what we do. She leads communications and branding from SSE’s central team, supporting SSE’s network of 11 schools in the UK, India and Canada.

Sophie has spent a decade working in journalism and communications, specialising in entrepreneurs. She was the founding editor of LondonlovesBusiness.com, the online newspaper for London entrepreneurs. Before that she was on the founding team of Smarta, the UK’s then-leading advice brand for start-ups.

She became a fellow of the On Purpose social enterprise leadership programme in 2016, during which she completed placements at Mathematics Mastery (part of education charity Ark) and BeMORE, focusing on marketing and communications. She went on to manage Expert Impact, a charity that connects social entrepreneurs with mentoring from the UK’s most successful founders. She then joined SSE in July 2016. She is excited about the potential for the Remade Network to revive local economies and create sustainable practices – in Glasgow and beyond.


Magz McPhee

Manager, LUSH Buchanan Street

She loves her role and being able to support and develop her team. Having managed 3 stores and worked in 5 she has seen the company grow from small teams of 15-20 to her current team over 100 members of staff.

She is directly responsible for the running of the store in all aspects from training and development, people management, coaching & difficult conversations to keeping store within budget. Being public facing she is able to speak with customers regularly on issues surrounding climate change and our impact on the environment.

She encourages and trains her team on the joy of using packaging free solutions for their cosmetics and the steps we can take to reduce the waste we produce. She met Sophie in 2015 and is is passionate about the work of Remade Network to bring communities together for a more sustainable future.


Peter McColl

Head of Policy and Research, Scotland NESTA

Peter McColl is a writer and activist based in Scotland with interested in the future economy, social and environmental justice and making work more humane.
He has been Rector of the University of Edinburgh and Head of Policy for innovation foundation Nesta in Scotland.

His work had included helping to create the UK’s largest housing cooperative and running grants schemes for collaborative economy projects for good. He is currently working on the delivery of a project on challenges and citizen participation in public policy.

Peter is interested in how we can focus our activities on the important take off caring for other, bring creative and developing a citizenship that works together to build a better world.
He is keen to work on ways new business models can scale up businesses for good.

He is excited by the opportunity for the Remade Network to bring circular economy organisations to every community


Jon Dawes

Community Activist and CCF Project Officer, Repair Café Glasgow

Jon Dawes chairs and manages Repair Café Glasgow which began operations in April 2018. Before this, he worked as staff at the Kinning Park Complex on community sustainability initiatives.

He has a Masters in Community Learning and Development from Glasgow University and is interested in how community development and advocacy for sustainability intersect. In previous lives, he was a lawyer in Washington, D.C., and a small landscaping company owner in Indianapolis.

He considers one of his greatest contributions to social justice the legal help desk he helped set up in Indianapolis; the service has assisted over 7,000 people so far to achieve greater employability by helping them expunge past criminal records so they might have a second chance.

Jon lives in Glasgow and drives a vegetable oil powered Mercedes that he is very proud of. He is excited to be part of Remade Network from its inception as it grows.


Kieran Daly

Scotland Manager, Big Issue Invest

Kieran Daly is a social investor and a social innovation specialist. He currently manages Big Issue Invest Scotland’s portfolio, with a particular focus on early stage social ventures and is a director of social enterprises MsMissMrs and Time for Inclusive Education (formerly the TIE Campaign).

Prior to this, he was COO at FoodCycle, where he developed a social franchise of the volunteer driven community café model which used food that would otherwise be wasted; this expensed the social enterprise by 100% in under two years. He has worked in the social sector for over 15 years at senior management levels, for a range of arts, youth and environmental social enterprises based in London and Scotland.

He is excited about the potential of Remade Network to have positive impact on communities as part of Sophie’s work as a serial social entrepreneur.

Jenni Hume

Campaign Manager, Have You Got The Bottle?

Jenni is the Campaign Manager for the Have You Got The Bottle?, which was started by the Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland to urge Scottish Ministers to introduce a deposit return system for all drinks containers. The charity’s members felt strongly that something should be done about litter pollution in rural Scotland and evidence from more than forty places around the world shows that deposit return systems are an effective way to help tackle this issue.

As Campaign Manager, Jenni has built a coalition of more than one hundred organisations who support an ambitious deposit return system for Scotland. This coalition includes retailers, producers, universities, bar and restaurant owners, sports clubs, community and religious groups, social enterprises, tourism and transport operators and environmental NGOs.

The Have You Got The Bottle? campaign has engaged with both Zero Waste Scotland and the Scottish Government over the past four years, and contributed over one thousand responses to last summer’s public consultation.

Jenni lives in Edinburgh and is very excited about Remade Network and its important contribution to creating a more regenerative, sustainable and circular economy in Scotland.