Help build a repair economy in Scotland – a radical new approach to business with climate justice at its heart

Join us: we are recruiting for a Commercial and Operations Director with extensive commercial experience and a commitment to values of social enterprise and climate justice.

Climate justice gets to the heart of the issue of how climate and human rights intersect by reminding us that it’s the people who consume the least resources who are disproportionately affected by the impacts of climate change. Environmental refugees are a symptom of the problem; displaced by drought, flood or sea level rises, those who live most lightly on the land are then doubly punished when they are vilified as ‘economic migrants’ for trying to build their lives elsewhere. The rag-pickers who make a precarious livelihood on waste dumps in Manila, Mumbai and Sao Paulo are seen as marginal outcasts, but they are the ones literally cleaning up the ecosystem at the risk of their own health.

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Join Us – Commercial and Operations Director vacancy

For too long consumers have been blamed for not reusing and repairing enough when the facilities and services do not exist to allow them to behave differently.

Remade Network is a social enterprise building a repair economy by collaborating with local communities to set up reuse and repair centres and advocating for one planet living and goods that are built to last. Creating a circular economy is not just about efficiency gains – it’s about system change. Our work aims to tackle climate breakdown and rising inequality by designing practical projects and consumer engagement that respond to local need.

With new projects being seeded in Glasgow, across the UK and several internationally, the role of the Commercial Director will be to deliver on the business plan, secure major income streams and develop commercial contracts in order to scale up the impact of our work.

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Remade at Earth Matters: Buried Treasure conference

“Telling the stories of where things come from and where they go to, not to take a softly softly approach, but as a project to create a new green economy, and face the reality of climate change” (Sophie Unwin, March 2019).

Remade founder Sophie Unwin presented and interviewed as part of the Earth Matters: Buried Treasure conference in Belfast, in March 2019. Earth Matters was a unique conference hosted by the Repair Cafe Belfast, looking at how communities can creatively tackle global issues of waste and economic sustainability.

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The Repair Revolution goes global – and comes to Glasgow

Launch of Remade Network at LUSH Buchanan Street, in partnership with Glasgow Repair Cafe.

A new social enterprise has been launched in Glasgow to help communities around the world develop local economies in repair education. The Remade Network, launched by social entrepreneur Sophie Unwin – founder of the Edinburgh Remakery and Brixton Remakery – will support people in different countries to set up a network of social enterprises that help people fix everyday goods including furniture, computers, and textiles.

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Workshop in Nairn

Great to deliver a workshop to the good folk from Nairn’s Green Hive today. Thanks to Alastair, Simon, Kirsty, Ruth and Eve for coming along.

They are scoping out social enterprise models for their community and we talked about the steps to setting up a successful community repair social enterprise including partnerships, business development, evaluation, recruitment and funding.

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