Join the network

Do you share our vision for repair centres that can build community, prevent waste and create jobs in a low carbon economy?

Joining the network means signing up to our values and criteria and going through an assessment period for your project to gain accreditation.

In return, you get access to repair training, repair education materials, and you become part of the REMADE community.

Accredited members can then develop a new income and undertake paid consultancy to help develop further repair social enterprises under the REMADE name.

As the Network grows the fees from higher income countries and communities will allow us to offer low cost and free training to places with lower incomes and fewer funding streams.

Network members

Glasgow Repair Cafe is our newest member and the first partnership of its kind. We will share the learning from this experience with other communities through our new toolkit (coming November 2019).

We have sixty five active conversations with different communities and are delivering skype training across four continents including Africa, America, Asia and as far afield as New Zealand.

We got Remade in Brooklyn off the ground with stage one in January 2018 with consultancy to map out resource flows and partnerships and deliver a business plan.

Full package of support

Please contact us for our full price list.

We will only charge you for the support you need and only undertake a full project with you once we’ve done an initial scoping study to test your readiness for further work.

The full support package will include

Scoping study, mapping partners in your area, business planning, support with premises, staff, branding and launch.

Depending on the project and location you will need to budget £10,000-£20,000 for this support. Successful projects should then go onto earn a turnover of £100,000 pa within 2 years.

Campaigning Voice

REMADE NETWORK doesn’t just promote practical projects, it campaigns for goods to be built to last in the first place.

Recycling is good – but not enough. Because we can still be increasing the amount of things we recycle without reducing the overall amount of resources we use.

We need instead to think about the bigger picture of where the products we use on a daily basis come from, how they are mined and manufactured, and how they are disposed of.

We want to replace an extractive economy with a regenerative one, and build an economy which respects our planet’s limits.

By growing the Network we will help amplify other important voices including the Right to Repair, Fossil Fuel Divestment and Extinction Rebellion movements.