Affordable drop-off repair services to help communities repair their broken things and reject throw-away culture.

If it's broken - fix it!

Drop off your broken household items and meet our lovely repair technicians. Just leave the item with us and we’ll get back to you with a quote for repair. There’s no fee if we can’t fix your item.

We are currently open from 12-4pm Wednesday to Sunday from Remade in Govanhill at 421 Victoria Road, just across the road from Queens Park station in the southside of Glasgow.

Here we repair:

– TECH ITEMS: Phones, laptops, computers and tablets

– ELECTRICAL ITEMS: Lamps, kettles, toasters, hair straighteners, speakers, headphones, record players and more!

– TEXTILE ITEMS: Jeans, patching, shirts, jackets, knitted jumpers, bags and more!

Just email to book an appointment.

Book an appointment

Where to find us

Address: Remade in Govanhill at 421 Victoria Road.

If in doubt, please email a picture to and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Bring us your broken things!

Unsure what to do with your unwanted electricals? Use our Tech Drop!

If you have unwanted phones, laptops, computers or household electrical items that fit into the size of a carrier bag, book an appointment to drop these off via our tech drop service. Just email

All items we receive will either be refurbished and resold to keep the project going, or processed via WEEE recycling where they cannot be reused.

Thanks for supporting the repair economy, reducing waste to landfill, creating jobs in your local community and supporting digital inclusion across Glasgow!