Tech Drop


Anything with a plug, battery or cable should be reused where possible – or recycled appropriately where it cannot be reused

We’re ready to receive working or broken items no bigger than the size of a carrier bag.

What we can accept
Laptops, mobile phones, desktop computers, monitors, audio equipment, speakers, turntables and stereos, toasters, kettles, blenders, TVs, hedge trimmers, microwaves, cables, unopened electrical items, working and broken items, and more!

Just bring your unwanted electricals to our Tech Drop sites across Glasgow and we will repair and reuse the items to get devices back into circulation, use them for parts in other repairs, or support our digital inclusion efforts.

If items can not be reused, we send them to be processed at an Approved Authorized Treatment Facility (AATF) to be appropriately recycled, so the materials inside can be turned into new products; from playground swings to life-saving equipment.

Got a question? Just ask

Tech drop locations

We have several tech drop points across Glasgow. No appointments needed, simply bring your unwanted tech along during our opening hours at each of these locations.

You can also drop off your tech at the reception Cranhill Development Trust or Parkhead Housing Association between 9:30am-5pm Monday to Friday. Just give them a call on the numbers below to let them know you are coming.

Remade in Govanhill
Address: Remade in Govanhill @ 421 Victoria Road, Glasgow, G42 8RW.
Hours: Wednesday to Saturday 11am – 5pm and Sundays 12pm – 4pm
Call: 0141 391 1800

Remade in Cranhill
Address: Remade in Cranhill @ Cranhill Development Trust, 109 Bellrock St, Glasgow, G33 3HE
Hours: Every Friday 10am-12pm
Call: 0141 774 3344

Remade in Parkhead
Address: Remade in Parkhead @ The Pantry, Parkhead Housing Association, 135 Westmuir Street, G31 5EX
Hours: Every Tuesday 12pm – 3:30pm
Call: 0141 473 0460

Recycle Your Electricals

Discarded electrical items are the fastest growing waste stream in the world, but when we recycle them we save some of the most precious materials on our planet – like gold, silver and aluminum.

You can now easily #recycleyourelectricals by dropping them off at any of our Tech Drop sites, or other locations around the UK.

We’re proud to partner with Material Focus, who have provided Remade Network with support to make it easier for people in and around Glasgow to reuse and recycle their unwanted electricals.