Remade in Springburn


Community Repair Service

Remade in Springburn is a monthly repair and reuse surgery based at The Community Hub in Springburn Shopping Centre brought to you by Remade and NG Homes.

Here we offer local residents a repair service to reject throw-away culture and a safe drop-off point for unwanted tech and electrical items to be reused or recycled.

How it works

Drop off your broken household items and meet our repair technicians. Just leave the item with us and we’ll get back to you with a quote for repair within a few days.

Opening hours

  • 1pm-3pm
  • First Wednesday of the month (Wed 7th Sept, Wed 5th Oct, Wed 2nd Nov 2022)
  • The trail may be extended beyond this point


Remade in Springburn @ The Community Hub in Springburn Shopping Centre, 230 Springburn Way, Glasgow G21 1TS.

What we repair

~ TECH ITEMS: Phones, laptops, tablets and computers

~ ELECTRICAL ITEMS: Lamps, kettles, toasters, hair straighteners, speakers, headphones, record players and more!

~ TEXTILE ITEMS: Jeans, patching, shirts, jackets, knitted jumpers, bags and more!

Pricing Structure

Repair timePrice
Up to 30mins£15
Up to 1 hour£30
+ the cost of parts, if required.
Diagnosis fee
We charge a £10 diagnosis fee for all tech and electrical items.
This comes off the cost of the repair if your device is fixable and you choose to go ahead with the repair.

Part subsidiary fund
We have partnered with the Community Renewal Fund and NG Homes to reduce up to £50 of any repair, while fund lasts. Ask for more information.

To book an appointment

Want to find out more or to book an appointment? Just email

Email to book an appointment

Tech Drop - Recycle your electricals

Anything with a plug, battery or cable should be reused where possible – or recycled appropriately where it cannot be reused.

We’re ready to receive working or broken items no bigger than the size of a carrier bag.

What we can accept
Laptops, mobile phones, desktop computers, monitors, audio equipment, speakers, turntables and stereos, toasters, kettles, blenders, TVs, hedge trimmers, microwaves, cables, unopened electrical items, working and broken items, and more!

Just bring your unwanted electricals to our Tech Drop sites across Glasgow and we will repair and reuse the items to get devices back into circulation, use them for parts in other repairs, or support our digital inclusion efforts.

If items can not be reused, we send them to be processed at an Approved Authorized Treatment Facility (AATF) to be appropriately recycled, so the materials inside can be turned into new products; from playground swings to life-saving equipment.

Unsure if we can take your item? Just email us at