Tailored consultancy and training

Why come to us? Perhaps one of the following statements resonates and you:

  • want to integrate repair education into an existing project
  • want to set up something new that creates green jobs and training
  • have a remit to develop regeneration proposal in your area
  • need a new infrastructure development to meet community benefit goals
  • want a practical social enterprise model in your community
  • are tasked with making your area low-carbon

Experience in Brixton, Edinburgh and more recently New York, Glasgow and others means we offer expertise based on successful experience that can get projects working well quickly and deliver on a triple bottom line of economy, environment and community.

We know that repair creates at least 10 times as many jobs as recycling. A REMADE enterprise in every major town in the UK alone could create 10,000 jobs. Good work is a fundamental part of our mission.

And we understand how important it is for each project to be responsive to local people, sensitive to its culture and  relevant to the ecosystem of activity that’s already in place.

In Brixton, a disused block of garages has been transformed into a series of reuse and repair projects for the community with the aid of a grant from the Big Lottery. In Edinburgh, the project started with £60 and a group of volunteers and within five years had a turnover of £220,000, ten members of staff, seven different income streams and 80% earned income.

It’s not just about delivering the project, it’s about telling its story. Evaluating the impact of the project is what can make the difference between success and failure as it helps bring the community, business partners, government agencies and funders on board – and leads to wider change.

Pots made from recycled household objects hanging from wooden boards.

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